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Book Review


Terrie S. - Boerne, Texas

"This book is hard to put down and a great book for all readers. I had 100 pages to go, and I finished it all in one sitting.  The book had me laughing at times, and crying at others.  It truly shows the spirit of these K-9 dogs. They never question their job, and perform with total dedication.  The sly fox had me laughing and the young girls who visited had me smiling.  The story makes you realize it's the little things in life you need to appreciate.  These 4 legged hero's deserve more recognition for their dedication to their job in saving the lives of our military.  Thank you for writing this book, and I look forward to the 2nd book to be completed.   To Laky and Toris..thank you for your service.  To the other unsung dog hero's thank you too!  Thanks to them our military are safer and many more are able to go home to their families."